Client Relationship Specialist

Senior advisor for Cash2Merchant.com, an independently owned business consulting company

Cash2Merchant.com is a small business that has dedicated itself to serving small businesses with working capital. We represent small businesses and present their success story and need for additional funds to various lenders. We present the best offer from each lender and help small business decide what is best for them.

Every business is different, every story is different and we work in the interest of the small business. Once we help the small business with their funding needs, we offer to assist them in increasing their business by promoting their products and services online.

Our job is to help small businesses meet their business goals whilst having access to adequate funds along the way.

Why Cash2Merchant.com?


We are ardent listeners, we take your business seriously. We get you access to unlimited and uninterrupted working capital and new customers on a regular and ongoing basis.


Our staff is well qualified business consultants, they understand the needs of small businesses. We conduct in-depth online research of every business by its type and location to offer a custom solution.


Whether you are a startup or a well-established business you deserve access to unlimited and uninterrupted working capital.

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